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Dementia Care in Skidaway Island, GA

Skilled dementia care for seniors in need of professional dementia services.

Dementia, according to Mayo Clinic, "is a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities severely enough to interfere with daily functioning". Dementia currently afflicts millions of seniors across the United States and millions more of seniors around the world. What are some of the symptoms of dementia? According to the Alzheimer's Association, a few symptoms of dementia include: memory loss, confusion, disorientation, social withdrawal and altered visual perception. Are you seeking care for your senior loved one with dementia? Learn what our Comfort Keepers dementia services can offer your Skidaway Island senior loved one.

Dementia Care in Skidaway Island, GA

Are you providing dementia care for your loved one? While providing care for a beloved family member can be a rewarding bonding experience, we also know that is can be emotionally and physically demanding. A person providing care for their loved one may neglect taking adequate care of themselves, resulting in poor eating habits, sleep deprivation, depression and more. With professional care for your loved one, not only will your loved one receive quality care, but you will be able to maximize the meaningful time you spend with your loved one.

Is your loved one providing their own care? While seniors in the early stage of dementia can typically provide most of their own care, as the disease progresses, professional caregivers become increasingly necessary. A professional dementia care aide knows what to expect, the upcoming challenges and a variety of solutions and so forth.

What are specific examples of dementia services? Along with personal care and in home companionship services such as grooming, toileting, transportation and meal preparation, we offer dementia specific care services. A few of these dementia services include:

  • Clearing pathways for your loved one and adding additional lights and handle bars where necessary
  • Encouraging your loved one to participate in memory activities, listening to music, reminiscing on old photo books, etc.
  • Identifying personal barriers, likes and dislikes and noting them for family, friends and their medical care team
  • Noting any changes regarding a senior and creating a care plan tailored to their specific care needs

Are you interested in our dementia care? Contact us today. One of our senior care specialists would be happy to provide you with more information and resources regarding the disease, to discuss the benefits of professional dementia care or to schedule a free in home consultation.

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