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Senior Care in Savannah, GA

Learn more about senior care for Baby Boomers in Savannah.

By traditional definitions, Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. Today, they are between 53 and 71 years old. According to the US Census Bureau, this group of senior Americans will grow to approximately 65 million people by 2030. In 2030, the youngest of the Boomers will be 65 and nearly 15 million will be over 80 years old.

According to the National Institute of Health, the rising numbers of seniors is already setting the stage for a number of challenges in senior care, and prioritizing that care for Baby Boomers is one of the prime considerations.

For example, nearly 30 percent of seniors over the age of 65 fall each year. This number grows to half by the age of 80. For seniors who fall once, the chances of another fall within just six months are over 50 percent, and these are just documented falls.

In addition to falling, seniors who living beyond 75 years of age have an increasing risk of frailty, dementia, and many other age-related disorders. Currently, the NIH reports that over 40 percent of seniors over 70 years of age end up in a nursing home prior to their passing.

Falling, frailty, and other degenerative or progressive disorders often lead to a loss of independence. It usually starts with an inability to perform daily living tasks such as cleaning, laundry, or preparing meals. Eventually, many seniors also require help with activities of daily living such as toileting, bathing, grooming, dressing, or eating. It is the need for this sort of support that leads so many seniors into nursing homes.

Senior Care in Savannah, GA

With the number of Baby Boomers expected to live well into their 70's, 80's, and beyond, there is a great likelihood that many will require daily living assistance at some point in their life. Not only is there a current lack of available space in nursing homes for this many seniors, but survey after survey indicates that less than five percent of seniors want to live in a nursing home. They want to remain in their own residence. This is a far cry from the 40+ percent that are currently using nursing home services.

One of the ways senior care can be adjusted for Baby Boomers is through and increased use of in home care services. By using in home care, seniors are able to put off or even avoid moving into an assisted living community or nursing home.

In home senior care addresses everything from transportation needs to medication management and from housekeeping and laundry to meal preparation and personal care. As with other services, in home senior care may start to be stretched as the senior population grows, but those who plan for their care and start early will not have to wait and wonder about what to do when the time comes and help is needed. 

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