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Long Term Care Vs. Short Term Care in Savannah, GA

Learn what distinguishes Comfort Keepers long term care from short term care.

The majority of seniors will require some degree of both short and long term care as they age. Sadly, many seniors do not know the difference between these two forms of caregiving, but insurance companies sure do. Not only are the services billed differently, some care may be restricted or even not covered by insurance or Medicare. Not having planned for such a contingency could place a senior in a very difficult position.

Short Term Care Versus Long Term Care

As you may have suspected, short term care and long term care are on opposite ends of the health care pendulum. On one side, short-term, or acute, care is designed to treat or cure a condition or injury. Short term care usually has a tapered service plan, with the expectation that a person will require more frequent and more intensive care initially, but these supports will decrease over time. Generally, short term care is limited to six months and is great for seniors recovering from an operation, early-stage cancer treatments, stroke and heart attack rehab, etc.

When the pendulum swings to the far, other side, one will find long-term care.The focus is not on curing a condition but in providing supports to help a senior work through situations that are not likely to go away. Services typically include pain management, personal care, and physical, mental, and emotional support. Long term care is designed to allow a senior to continue to live independently with freedom and dignity. Examples requiring long term care support include lung disease, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, and late-stage cancers. Long-term care may, but does not always, transition into hospice care.

It should be noted that just because a person receives long-term care, it does not mean that they cannot receive curative or restorative treatments. In fact, everybody hopes that a senior receiving this type of care makes a full recovery from whatever ails them. It is simply less likely for this to happen with conditions that require care long-term, so the primary focus is generally on comfort and accommodation. Just as short term care is expected to taper off over time, long term care is typically expected to grow in both time and intensity as conditions progress.

Both types of care can be provided in the comfort and convenience of a senior's own home by taking advantage of senior in-home care. For more information, contact a Comfort Keepers senior care coordinator, today. 

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