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Dementia Care in Pooler, GA

Skilled dementia care for your Pooler loved one.

Addressing dementia in its earliest stages is important. Yet, it is often hard to diagnose. Early on, the symptoms are subtle and can be mistaken for natural age-related forgetfulness. Even after the signs start to become more apparent, many people block the possibility from their minds because it is so scary. Charles Fuschillo Jr is the CEO of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. He notes, “All too often, I’ve seen denial by the spouse, the family, or the person themselves."

According to the Alzheimer's Association, the first signals that a senior has more than age-related issues or occasional "senior moments" are repeating questions several times or losing items that later turn up in odd places. These symptoms, especially when compounded with memory lapses are clear signs that medical help should be sought. 

Dementia Care in Pooler, GA

While there is no current cure for dementia and no full-proof means of slowing its progression, there are a number of strategies that work for some people. The greatest successes are associated with the earliest diagnoses, so it is very important to have dementia identified early. Beyond the disease itself, early dementia care can include proper financial and legal planning, arranging medical and non-medical healthcare, making potential adjustments in living situations, and so forth.

There is no set rate at which a person progresses through dementia. When the disease takes a turn, the appropriate dementia care needs to be ready. Without early detection and advanced planning, this does not happen, which significantly hinders a senior's health, safety, and quality of life.

Just on the non-medical side of the equation, when a senior needs help to perform daily tasks such as cooking, taking their medication, doing the laundry, or even taking care of their personal needs, they are not likely to mention it. Part of the insidious nature of the disease is that it robs a person of their memory, ability to care for themselves, and even their dignity. Due to memory lapses, a person may not even know they forgot their medicine or have not bathed in over a week. They may start to cook a meal and forget all about it.

With a proper dementia care plan, a senior will not progress through the stages unnoticed. When help is needed, a plan will already be in place for support.

In short, nobody wants to receive a diagnosis of dementia. If one is to come, however, it is best that the disease is diagnosed early. Not only is there a greater chance of delaying the disease's progression, but an effective plan of dementia care can be established. To learn more about our dementia services, click here or call us today.

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